Sunday, 31 August 2008


US Democrat presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has selected Joe Biden as his running mate for the forthcoming election. This article gives some information about his background, which shows clearly that he is likely to put the US economy in great danger by backing massive wind-farm schemes. Unfortunately for the US the Republican candidate seems almost as bad, though I have a feeling that he is likely to be the least fanatical on the matter; so when the reality of office hits home he might make more practical decisions as opposed to Obama/Biden.

See HERE for details of US oil reserves and more.


SBVOR said...

Well, we can at least be grateful that McCain supports OCS drilling and Palin supports ANWR drilling.

And, Palin, at least, is not a total knee jerk alarmist.

What do you think of this post?

Derek Tipp said...

I like your blog. Thanks for the information.

SBVOR said...


Thank you for the kind words as well as the link.

My blog list demonstrates my appreciation for your site.

Keep up the good work from across the pond.

We love the Brits!

Best Regards,

Derek Tipp said...

Thanks for your kind words. Climate realists must work together to debunk the nonsense.