Saturday, 26 February 2011


This piece of very interesting research by the excellent Climate Lessons blog leads the reader to believe it is being attempted, though ultimately how successful it is remains to be seen.


Edward Spalton said...

There are 3 grandfathers I know very well who complain that their grandchildren are being indoctrinated in British schools.

On has a grandson at the local comprehensive (aged about 14 I think). When asked if he had thought what he would like to do after leaving school, he replied "It's no good thinking about that. We'll all be dead if we can't stop climate change". He is a commonsensical sort of a lad and will probably be talked out of it.

One grandfather has two families of grandchildren being educated in England and Scotland respectively. He tells me that any expression of scepticism about AGW produces a response like "That shows you don't care".

Another grandfather has grandchildren (from early to mid teens) who are being educated privately in England. They make similar responses and tell him that he must "think green", if he expresses any reservations about the official line.

Add to this the deeply worried children from Northern Ireland who appeared in "Not Evil,Just Wrong". Their artwork showed signs of acute mental distress about the effects of AGW,

Not a scientific sample proving widespread indoctrination I know . But if I used a few tree rings and a big computer program, I could probably make it into a highly persuasive case.

Derek Tipp said...

What you say is very worrying, though among adults there is still a lot of scepticism. Children are very susceptical, particularly those who want to learn. Good education should be about teaching students to challenge what they are told.