Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This report shows that not all students have been brainwashed by propaganda from the authorities. The link is to Biased BBC and has some interesting articles.


JS said...

Yes, despite the considerable efforts to get them 'thinking the correct thoughts', such as those revealed here :

A modest piece of defiance on one pupil's part, but who knows what all the others think? Perhaps we may be optimistic and suppose that a great many of them can spot when they are 'being got at', and respond accordingly? But what a shocking waste of teaching time, and of the spirits and the education of the youngsters involved!

Derek Tipp said...

My own experience of teaching Secondary School students is that most of them are natural sceptics. They may not go as far as the student here, but they will challenge authority.

Anonymous said...

According to my opinion brainwashing is a part of education system which goes on and off throughout the ages. And that is why people prefer to go for Online Life Experience Degree because they get aware about their surroundings and are not brainwashed that easily.