Saturday, 27 October 2018


The Climate Change Act is like a baby elephant that is lying at the back of a china shop. It has done a small amount of damage so far, but as it grows in size and strength it will eventually cause havoc

Yesterday I had the good fortune to speak with Owen Paterson MP at a constituency event in the New Forest. Owen is a man with very clear views on Brexit and he is using all his political capital to work towards a clean break followed by a free trade agreement with the EU. Yet, when I asked him what we could do about the Climate Change Act (CCA), he seemed hesitant, almost as if I had mentioned a dark secret that should not be discussed. He implied that he could not campaign for it openly at the present as it would reduce his effectiveness in his work on Brexit.

He mentioned being called a climate change denier, as though he had been rather shocked by the experience which probably followed this article. I understand that Brexit is the immediate challenge, but I was a little shocked at his reluctance to restate his position having had the courage to write his article in the first place. How long will it be before the Climate Elephant gets noticed by the public?

The fact is that politicians who express clear opposition to the CCA are rare in any case, but until they continually make the case, this costly piece of self-destruction will go on pushing up the cost of energy, heating, transport and hence everything we buy and do, until the public force the politicians to look again at it.  

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