Wednesday, 17 October 2018


This article looks at Christopher Booker's latest piece on the IPCC's new scary report. I particularly like Paul Homewood's list of reasons why the public are not interested in it:

They have heard the same “Ten years to save the world” scare stories many times before.
  • They know that the UK’s emissions are only 1% of the world’s and that whatever we do will have zero effect on anything.
  • They also know that countries like China and India are continuing to build new coal power stations.
  • Most are sensible enough to realise that a slightly warmer climate in Britain has made little difference to their lives.
  • People have no intention of giving up their modern lifestyles, as the IPCC demands.
  • They also have no intention of paying towards the $2.4 trillion a year also demanded.
  • Above all, they have much more important things to worry about.
All very true, but unfortunately the government don't seem to be in tune with them. While the bulk of the public have lost interest, the noisy minority will try and force the government to keep on driving out cheap energy. Only when the majority of the public make it a big issue to stop will the government listen - or another party will step in with different policies, just as UKIP did with the EU. But in that case the press did run a lot of stories against the EU, blaming them for immigration, waste etc. 

The press still has a lot of influence, as does TV. There is little sign, so far, that they are opposed to the government's climate change policies, in fact quite the opposite.

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