Sunday, 9 December 2007


Unless you are a local councillor, you have probably never heard of the Loal Government Association (LGA). It was set up in 1997, supposedly to provide a voice for local government, but what has happened is that, in my opinion, it has been used as a vehicle in order to push an agenda. The taxpayer funds a glossy weekly magazine which is sent to every councillor in the country. It is also available online.

In the latest issue you can see how the "climate change" issue is being pushed. Look at the example of "smarter travel" being pushed. 24 employees telling residents how to travel - the nanny state is growing into an interfering busybody. What you won't find from the LGA is any reference to any doubt about the cause of climate change. This is the message coming from government all the time.

As a councillor myself I can only use my vote and very limited influence to try to prevent my own local authority from spending money on such schemes.

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