Sunday, 9 December 2007


When I read about more people marching* in support of "stopping global warming" my first reaction was one of disappointment and resignation. Then I recalled the CND marches back in the sixties. The CND could put thousands of supporters on the streets in several countries. Like today's GW alarmists, they believe passionately in their cause. They also believed in unilateral cuts, just as CND believed in unilateral disarmament. They are idealists who are sincere, but their idea is unworkable, because it goes against human nature. Just as the world can never rid itself of nuclear weapons, because we cannot trust each other, the same is true of emitting carbon dioxide. I find it hard to believe that western governments are unilaterally going to commit to anything that leads to their nations living standards being cut, while those in the developing nations continue to improve. Once any serious economic downturn became apparent, the government would be booted out.
*Further reports (thanks to Tom Nelson) suggest the numbers have been exaggerated by the BBC (nothing unexpected here then!)

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Tom said...

The actual number of protesters in London was likely vastly less than organizers had expected.

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Tom Nelson