Thursday, 11 March 2010


This should be an interesting case - if it ever gets to court.


SBVOR said...
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SBVOR said...

I'd almost like to see it go to trial.

It would be very entertaining to watch the AGW hysteria mongers and the litigation lottery slackers get shredded in court.

The defense can open with this document.

If the New Orleans victims join in, they will get shredded even worse.

As I document below, New Orleans was a civil failure, NOT a natural disaster. If anybody should be sued, it is the hideously corrupt Orleans Levee District:

1) The government entity responsible for the New Orleans levee system is The Orleans Levee District -- a branch of the Democrat dominated Louisiana state government.

2) Even MSNBC understood that The Orleans Levee Board was corrupt and spent their money on pretty much anything BUT properly maintaining -- much less enhancing -- the levees.

3) Again, per CNN “[t]he majority of New Orleans likely experienced wind equivalent to a Category 1 or 2 hurricane”. And, the vast majority of the damage done to New Orleans was due to the failure to properly maintain -- much less enhance -- the levees.

4) Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin had an evacutation plan and simply FAILED to execute his own plan!

Derek Tipp said...

Very interesting. It sounds like a failure of anyone to properly scrutinise the city authorities. That's how corruption starts.

The court action would be very interesting. I hope they go ahead.