Tuesday, 15 March 2011


This report in the Telegraph gives details of a study showing this. Tell that to the envir0nmental activists.

UPDATE - A correction has been issued by the Telegraph, who appear to have got this wrong.


EFC1878 said...

You might want to check the source for this post. The Daily Telegraph had it pointed out to them (by the author of the scientific paper in question) that:
- His paper had nothing to do with wind farms.
- He had never said the things he was quoted as saying.
- In fact he had never knowingly spoken to anyone from the Telegraph, so where did they get/invent the quotes?

For some reason the Telegraph have chosen not to publish a correction, but rather to remove the piece entirely and pretend it never happened.

I'm sure you have more integrity than that and will be updating this post to reflect reality.

Derek Tipp said...

Thanks EFC1878, the link no longer works. Who can we trust these days? Obviously not the Telegraph.