Friday, 30 December 2011


The following link - looks at heat from beneath the earth's crust which the IPCC has chosen to ignore when drawing up a global energy budget. See page 10 of this pdf for the diagram.


Cadence Drake said...

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Anonymous said...

It's quite easy to see why this volcanic heat source may be of the utmost importance. Just look at one of the Arctic NSIDC maps, almost daily updated, and judge by yourself : the missing sea ice is mostly located at the south of Greenland and Canada, where there is little continental influence, and a very big oceanic influence. It is easy to see that the continents there are much colder during the winter than the ocean is. I agree that there is some influence by the Gulf stream to be taken into account, and also that the ocean is a dark body, absorbing more heat than the surrounding earth. But, nevertheless, the Atlantic ridge, with its many black smokers, is one of the most active volcanic regions of our whole world. It is not because one does not see those volcanoes that those claiming to be scientists do not have to try to calculate their energy budget, at the very least, before deciding that CO2 explains everything, and that mankind is the main driver of an ever changing earth's climate.