Friday, 6 January 2012


We have looked at shale gas several times in recent months, but here's another new technology that could keep our energy costs down, if only the government would realise that reducing CO2 emissions is now unnecessary. This one is called Underground Coal Gasification. The link is to a Channel 4 News article from Jan 4. In it you will see that already 18 licenses have been granted by the government to set up UCG plants. There is an interview after the film with two scientists - one working in the new technology and the other a committed climate alarmist. Despite the first scientist claiming that he was working to capture all the CO2 emitted, the alarmist still wanted the technology stopped as he feared it would be used in India and China without CO2 capture. He claimed that we would have global warming of 5 or 6 degrees C (though I can't recall when by!)

What we never hear is any scientist saying that emitting CO2 is no longer a problem. That would be a step too far, even though many of them think it and say so privately.

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