Saturday, 31 August 2013


This piece looks at the situation regarding the Climate Change Act's emission reduction targets, and how some members of the government are now beginning to realise that the EU (and the rest of the world) are not following the UK's example - leaving the UK saddled with hopelessly unrealistic targets which, if met, would lead to financial suicide.  However there are still some who refuse to admit to what is now beginning to be obvious, and still trying to cling to the purity of the Act, including the Lib Dems. The real damage of the Climate Change Act was always going to bite more deeply over the passage of time. The worst is still to come over the next few years - unless they ditch it soon. This will cause the green movement to make a lot of fuss, but if it isn't done the public will soon demand it, as their energy bills go on rising and their industry moves away.

In fact my district council were urging the government to re-think this back in 2011 as This article explains.

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