Thursday, 19 December 2013


The sensitivity of the climate to increases in CO2 concentration lies right at the heart of the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In his evidence, independent climate scientist, Nic Lewis has reported a bias in the way the IPCC has calculated the value of TCS (Transient Climate Sensitivity) which, surprise, surprise, gives a much higher value for the temperature rise caused by a CO2 increase.

This report has been submitted to the UK parliament committee which is looking at the latest IPCC climate report. If you read his evidence, which is fairly easy to follow, though you have to accept some of his details of Bayesian statistics (unless you happen to be an expert), you will see that the IPCC appear to have over-looked some critical matters. It looks clear that they are either not up to the task, or, more likely, they are simply pulling the wool over the eyes of the public and, more importantly, the politicians. (Though the politicians are more than likely willing participants in this deception.) I wonder how the leading proponents in this charade will try to discredit Nic Lewis's evidence.

More on the submissions to the UK parliament can be found on Judith Curry's blog here  A list of all the submissions is available here on the UK parliament's website.

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