Sunday, 22 March 2015


William Hague was the UK's Foreign Secretary until quite recently and the man who wrote this was his senior Climate Change Advisor for six years. You may well be asking at this point why on earth our top politician on foreign affairs need a climate change advisor at all. It also begs the question, what other advisors do our ministers have and how much do they get paid; who appoints them and does the minister take any notice of them? Perhaps they have astrologers - who knows? Putting all these issues to one side, just look at what this man is saying and ask yourself, is this the sort of thing a leading international politician should be listening to? Remember he was in post for six years and even from this one article one can get a good idea of his train of thought. This is not the sort of scientific advice that would be of any use to a balanced politician. Either Hague, a bluff Yorkshire man, ignored him for six years, in which case why didn't he get rid of him after a few weeks? Or he has been brainwashed by him, in which case let's hope his successor is someone with a stronger mind.

Here is a short extract:
"The story of the world is as old as antiquity. It is the story of the writing on the wall. The warning to the last King of Babylon at his last great feast that he has been weighed in the balance, as it is written in the Book of Daniel.The high carbon, resource-profligate modernity you helped build is a new Babylon. Every bite from its fruit poisons the tree from which we pluck it.King Belshazzar of Babylon plundered goblets of gold from the Temple of Solomon. We take our plunder from an ecological fabric we no longer recognize as our first Temple. But if it crumbles we die both in body and in spirit."

He sounds more like a religious fundamentalist who might have been found speaking at Hyde Park Corner, or walking down the street waving a placard warning that "the end of the world is nigh!" Of actual science in his article there was none, and remember he was the Foreign Secretary's chief advisor on Climate Change. I wonder what other advisors he has on this subject. Time to get rid of them, I say.

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