Monday, 2 November 2015


*Climate Fools Day, for those not familiar with it, is the date that the UK passed its notorious Climate Change Act.

I came across this while looking for something else and then found myself on it (at about 8 minutes in). I recall the day, when I went up to the House of Commons for the conference, to be told that it had been cancelled only to bump into Roger Helmer who, like me, had not been told about the cancellation. By sheer luck I had one of Piers Corbyn's cards in my pocket and on phoning him we discovered that he had managed to book an alternative venue several miles away. By now a couple of other would-be attendees had arrived so we all shared a taxi and eventually about twenty of us had a much smaller do somewhere else. Although many others did not make it, the event was for me very enjoyable as it provided the opportunity of having a good discussion with a small group of very interesting people, including Piers and Roger who I have the greatest respect for. The question I raised of how to get the message out to the public that they are being misled by propaganda, is still one I cannot answer, other than to get out good literature directly into people's letter boxes.

If you want to see the whole conference here is the link.

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