Monday, 2 November 2015


 Philippe Verdier has announced that he has been dismissed by France Télévisions
In a video, the Head of Weather Service France 2 staged the opening of the letter in which he learnt of his final dismissal, following the publication of his controversial book. A text on the screen said that Philippe Verdier was “dismissed one month before COP21”, the climate conference to be held in Paris in December.  The petition launched on the Internet, as well as the support of many Republican deputies were not enough to save him.

In his book published at the beginning of October, the journalist-presenter shared his scepticism about climate change. Moreover, he sent an open letter to Francois Hollande in which he denounced the government’s behaviour. With the approach of COP 21, this position has caused great controversy.

In the columns of Paris Match, the new president of France Télévisions had commented on the matter: “When you are an employee of a company such as France Télévisions, it is necessary to distinguish between personal opinion and what is said in the name of the company. There was confusion, and it’s my problem."

Initially France Télévisions had preferred to extend his leave taken for the promotion of his book. Asked on RTL at that time, Verdier said he was shocked: “It touches me deeply. This is not a decision for me.“ At that time he did not know that he was to be dismissed.
The next day, on Europe 1, he considered it “entirely possible” that his dismissal was ordered by the government. “Inevitably, when someone gets in the road of the COP 21, it is no fun at the Elysee,” he said when interviewed by Jean-Marc Morandini.

Philippe has given an interview here it is.

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