Friday, 1 January 2016


In my analogy I equate the developed nations with parents and the developing nations with children. In both cases the 'children' are told they have to be good and then they will receive something they want. In both cases the story is amazingly far-fetched. Santa visits every house on a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, the nations leaders are told that they can create a better climate by reducing CO2 emissions. I would also suggest that many children over around 6 years old really do not believe in Santa, but they continue to claim they do in the hope that the presents will keep coming. I also suspect that many politicians in the developing world do not believe that reducing CO2 will make any difference to the climate, but they continue to claim publicly that they do because they want to receive a share of the money from the promised climate fund.

And what about the developed nations, you ask, what do they get out of it? For that matter what do parents get out of the Santa story? The answer is nothing really. It has simply become a ritual and most people follow it simply because everyone else does it. Can anyone think of a better explanation?

Happy New Year to everyone.

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Edna Shirley said...

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