Thursday, 15 November 2018


This BBC article describes the action taken by a group of climate anarchists and assorted misfits disrupting the business of the UK Department of Energy. (Probably doing us all a favour, as they are fairly useless.) What is interesting about the article is the way it is written, giving every opportunity to the disruptors to explain their actions and putting them in a very positive light. What is not said is how many were there, though it looks to me like only a handful. 

Although the article does say their "demands" are unlikely to be met (as they are impossible!), it does not condemn their actions or describe them as totally unreasonable. It does not say even if any arrests were made.  With the help of the BBC these few anarchists could grow in number. What is needed is to cut off the oxygen of publicity from them and make their lives uncomfortable by keeping them locked up for a few hours, instead of portraying them as saviours of the planet.

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