Saturday, 15 October 2022


 London, 15 October - Energy costs will close two major ‘green’ manufacturing operations

• BMW is moving manufacturing of the electric Mini from the UK to China where manufacturing is powered by cheap coal.
• Britishvolt, a major battery manufacturing startup, is on the brink of collapse.
Both companies have cited high energy prices as the reason for their problems.
Claims that the UK’s economy will be based around ‘green industries’ are clearly false.
• Manufacturing of renewables and EVs will be built in places where energy is cheap, which means places where it is derived from fossil fuels.
• European wind turbine manufacturers are financially struggling and cutting jobs, losing market share to Chinese competitors benefiting from cheap coal.
• Net Zero is driving the wholesale deindustrialisation of Britain which threatens to make the UK uninvestable.
The economic crisis can only be solved by cheap energy
• There will be no economic growth without cheap energy.
• Cheap energy can only be delivered through increased supply of fossil fuels and nuclear, and elimination of renewables.
Net Zero plans must be cancelled as a matter of urgency.


Net Zero is unattainable and a danger to national well-being


  1. IN electric transportation, transportation costs go down dramatically saving money across the board. 100% RE is the energy that is free compared to the cost of fossil fuels before they are even consumed. On the market system, that is very hard to compete with. Net zero is the blessing we all need in our economies.

  2. Renewable energy is simply not reliable or cheap, let alone free. Who do you think pays for all the columns and blades and the alternators, plus the cables and the maintenance? And then there is the back up for when the wind is not blowing. Storage batteries are nowhere near enough for an industrial nation to survive.

    1. Renewable energy is simply not reliable or cheap, let alone free.

      The energy before it gets to the equipment is free in RE. The equipment isn't.

      Hurricane Ian that hit Florida, the only power system running after the land fall, was a solar community.

      Your view of RE is completely false.


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