Sunday, 9 August 2009


This article explains that 60 top German scientists have written to Angela Merkel to ask her to look again at the latest science before committing the government to expensive measures to reduce CO2. Yet further evidence of a lack of "consensus" on the issue.

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Anonymous said...

3 Different sources from 3 different fields Ariel Photographic,Hand Measurement of the Ice Packs and rates of glacier melting all indicate that we have a major problem on our hands.My guess is that across the human spectrum of exsistance when you calculate the added BTUs produced by all means,the chemical effluent both oceanic and atmospheric and all the chemical interactents you have the toxic soup that will kill the blue marble.To those who still argue that transportation effluent is not a problem please go into your garage leave the motor running close the door and call us tommorrow.The quite huge toxic sludge that is growing larger each month in the Mediterranian should be warning enough but I suppose untill the fish and sponge kill is absolute you will deny the problem.If only eliminateing the smog problem was it.As we remove that toxic element the temperatures will rise as the skies clear.Its across the board cures that have to be found.Its quite clear we are on a steep parabolic curve into more problems with an even larger curve to fix the problems.The wide eyed optimists are selling hokum when they assure everyone that future generations will find the cure just keep doing what you are doing so we can maintain profits.Flounder stocks are gone sponges are dieing worldwide coral reefs are dieing salmon runs are dwindeling, desertification is a fact global ice shelves are receding.Nope no problem here.Pulease.