Tuesday, 18 August 2009


This article explains the gist of the new proposal which is less damaging than the government scheme, but still damaging nevertheless. Should the government be defeated on the issue, they were hoping to go for a "double dissolution" of both houses of parliament with the prospect (they hope) of being returned with a bigger majority to "tackle global warming". However this article explains that this plan could back-fire. There is still a long way to go, and knowing politicians a "deal" is most likely to be done.


David Brown said...

Anyone noticed all the media comment in the UK regarding the rejection of the climate bill in Australia. No, well isn't that a supprise. I suspect that if the bill had been passed it would have been trumpeted from every, newspaper, magazine and TV News program for weeks to come. Sometimes it seems an uphill battle, keep on the good work Derek, yours is one of my regular sites I visit.

David Brown

Derek Tipp said...

Hardly anything which doesn't fit the "agreed narrative of CO2 caused GW makes the mainstream media. It's a good job we have the internet! Thanks for your support.