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This new study by Danish scientists shows a link between the strength of the Earth's magnetic field and the climate over a long time span. The effect is similar to that of the Sun's magnetic field which was the theory put forward by other scientists previously. All these theories are difficult to prove but no more so than the current one of CO2 being responsible for catastrophic global warming.


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    Contact: Dennis Brooks
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    Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Produced By An External Dynamo System, Not An Internal Dynamo.

    Researcher finds that Earth’s magnetic field is not produced by an internal dynamo. Nor is it produced by ocean current. The dynamo is outside the Planet! New findings by independent researcher, Dennis Brooks, show that Earth’s magnetic field and the planet itself are components of a complex dynamo system, which surrounds the planet. The planet and its magnetic field are part of the dynamo.

    According to this new theory, no internal dynamo or ocean current helps in producing or maintaining the magnetic field because other planets with magnetic fields do not have ocean currents or iron cores.

    Image by NASA

    Each planet does not have a unique way of producing its magnetic field. The magnetic field of each planet is produced by a planetary dynamo system and its ring current.

    For many years researchers thought that a similar dynamo system was within the planet and that this internal dynamo generated the magnetic field. However, we know now that it is too hot inside the planet to produce and maintain a magnetic field there.

    The planetary dynamo system is composed of a magnetosphere, the planet, the magnetic field, radiation belts, ring current, and charged particles from the solar wind. The planet is the central component of the system and its rotation plays an important part in operating the dynamo and generating ring current. The magnetic field is generated by the system’s ring current, which is made up of charged particles. The magnetic field captures even more charged particles and brings them into the dynamo system as fuel. Everything works together.

    Earth’s inner and outer core simply cannot provide the fuel a dynamo system needs. If earth’s dynamo had to depend on energy from the planet for fuel, the entire planet would have been completely consumed many years ago.

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  2. Anders Peter Jacobsen24 November 2009 at 02:52

    Think of earth as a charged particle going through the same ellipse (wire). Compare this with the magnetic field surrounding an electrical wire. Same principle. The poles of the magnetic field will be vertical on the direction of the current. Aproximately north and south pole except Earth is tilted. At these poles it will also be coldest because the kinetic energy of the air is the lowest.
    Anders Peter Jacobsen


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