Tuesday, 15 September 2009


This report explains the real reason why the "climate change" bandwagon is kept on the road. It's all about money transfer from the developed world to the undeveloped world. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that any climate change has taken place due to CO2, no Western nation is prepared to say so. Odd isn't it?


Emily Martin said...

I've just found your blog, hoping it would be a balanced opposition to its climate-change-supporting cousins. However, while you present scientific research and coverage well, every post seems to end with sticking your tongue out:

...so I'm right ...so they're wrong ...so this throws everything they say out of the window ...which is just silly ...see? I'm right again.

Frankly, despite your measured analyses and well-written posts, this just makes you seem childish and (worse) an alarmist trying only to support your own perspective and browbeat your readers into agreeing.

Everybody who cares enough to look past the headlines and into the science should realise that both 'sides' have merit in their agruments, both 'sides' have some bad science, neither 'side' is completely right or completely wrong and that clinging fiercely to one 'side' or the other is the kind of narrow-minded fundamentalism which in a religious context would be regarded as highly dangerous.

Derek Tipp said...

Thanks for your positive comments on the posts, though I note you dislike the conclusions. I must take issue when you say that "both sides have merit in their arguments". Only one side can be right - either CO2 is causing dangerous global warming, or it isn't. My analysis, as you rightly point out is the latter, and that is why this blog is here - to give the arguments to back up that argument.

If someone can point to any evidence that CO2 is the cause of dangerous global warming then I will change my mind.

Anonymous said...

The Africans can go fuck themselves :)