Friday, 24 September 2010


This report reveals how our Climate Change Minister, Lib Dem Chris Huhne, is trying to frighten us into accepting a huge rise in fossil fuels, hoping that this will lead to acceptance of his huge cost of decarbonising the energy and transport sector. Of course if there was a general shift away from fossil fuels this would lead to a surplus of supply and prices would not rise as he anticipates, whereas in reality this will not happen as it must be perfectly clear that we will still rely on fossil fuels for the forseeable future, despite the best efforts of Mr Huhne. What is driving price increases is the increase in government taxes coupled with the huge subsidies given to so-called 'green energy' such as the inefficient wind farms.

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Mobil said...

Let's consider the fact The United States is the largest energy consumer in terms of total use. That facts should realized US people, that they consumes oil more than other people in this Earth. So, every body (including us) should take responsibility about this condition and starting to change their behavior on oil consumption.

To save our planet, we need to change our behavior, our consumption on oil and gas. High demand of oil will make Oil company explore more and more oil and gas, the we produce more heat and pollutions, damage our ozone.

Because when the needs of oil is decreasing, the Oil company will decrease their production. This is a good news for us, that we have a power to control oil production by changing our consumption behavior.

So, let's start to buy smaller car (engine), use electric power wisely, shut down the computer after working, use public transport to workplace.