Saturday, 14 April 2012


This article from Conservative Home looks at the government's Green Deal and finds it full of problems. Here is an extract: "Liberal-controlled Sutton Council, in Surrey, was provided with generous government funding to carry out a trial scheme. Of the 400 householders applying to take part in the project, only 67 finally went ahead; the average spend per home was £13,000. Home owners who opted to pay back their loans in 10 years found that their repayments actually exceeded their prospective cut in energy bills by some £256 a year – so their notional energy savings were completely wiped out. This was despite the fact that, to encourage take up, Sutton Council provided 40% of the cost of the works through a non-repayable grant, and made the rest available on an interest free loan." It looks as though the average voter may feel a bit fed up when he discovers how much coercion the government is now about to use on him/her.

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