Saturday, 14 June 2014


Here is the story of another professor being sacked for taking a sceptical line on climate change. Such heresy will not be tolerated. To many the whole subject seems much more like a religion than a science.


John F. Hultquist said...

The problem with this story is that while the man is an academic he was not sacked from an academic position such as at a university. He was affiliated with a group that was begun to promote a progressive agenda and while he refrained from speaking against that agenda the leader permitted his essays to be published. When he publicly went against the agenda of the organization he lost his welcome and maybe a few perks. This was not his day job.
This is more like a politician deciding to change parties, say a USA Democrat going over to Republican. The Democratic Party and its donors have a right to withdraw support. Same thing going on with this man.

Derek Tipp said...

Hi John, yes I agree, though he did not decide to leave, he was told to. Also he did support a lot of the "progressive agenda", though he had a different view on this issue. I think there was a deal of intolerance here.