Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Here is a link to the climate model devised by David Evans in which he predicts that world temperatures will start to cool within the next decade, most likely within the next two or three years. David's work seems to link with that of Henrik Svensmark which was highlighted a few days ago. Both relate to a cooling effect of the sun. We will not have long to wait to see if he is correct. 


BearCub said...

I get a little nervous when I see a forecast for an occurrence on a certain date, then see a, "but if does not occur on that date it will be this date", followed by yet another, "if not this date, than most assuredly it will be this date”. I do understand that we are talking about a complex subject, however, statements of that nature weaken the whole argument in my book-and I believe in a colder climate for our future. Isn’t that what climate change chasers do, they claim the polar ice will be gone by 2014, and then predict it will be gone in the next few year, only to issue another date when the melt fails to materialize.

Derek Tipp said...

Yes you have a point, but it is hard to predict a result by a certain year. I think that within a decade is still a reasonable prediction that can be proved or disproved. He is only saying "most likely" at the more exact years. Perhaps it would have been better to leave it at the decade level.

BearCub said...

Derek, your suggestion to leave the prediction at the decade level makes excellent sense.