Sunday, 2 November 2014


I am coming to this meeting and hoping to meet up with like-minded people and see what the latest ways of getting out a positive message on sensible energy policy are. If any readers are able to come do let me know. I will report on the meeting later on in the week.

A public meeting open to all on Wednesday 5 November from 1pm to 3pm in room 9 at UK Parliament, Palace of Westminster, hosted by Repeal The Climate Change Act
Come via main - St Stephens (Cromwell Green) entrance
Ask for Sammy Wilson's (DUP MP) Meeting 
(Please allow 30 minutes for security)
Speakers include
* Roger Helmer UKIP MEP - A practical UK energy policy 
                - explaining what is needed and how the EU is driving the UK's energy crisis
(Find UKIP's Energy Policy Here)
Piers Corbyn WeatherAction 
Will the lights go out this winter?
- explaining the essential incredibility of the CO2 theory of Climate Change,
the latest advances is solar-based Long Range forecasts and spelling out what will happen this winter. 
* Sammy Wilson DUP MP and other MPs 
(Graham Stringer Labour MP and Peter Lilley Conservative MP invited)
The changing climate of Climate Change in Parliament and beyond. 
*Campaign Against the Climate Act News
Discussion and Questions, Literature   
Room booked by Sammy Wilson MP with our thanks.

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I hope sanity will eventually prevail. Best wishes from America.