Thursday, 6 November 2014


Yesterday I set off for Westminster to hear Roger Helmer and Piers Corbyn give their presentations to the Climate Change Meeting, having booked a ticket, only to find that the parliamentary authorities claimed no knowledge of the meeting whatsoever. Having made the 3 hour coach journey I was not going to give up so easily, so I waited around to see if others would arrive. Eventually I met up with Roger Helmer who had travelled all the way from Brussels and was unaware of any change. Luckily I had a card with Piers Corbyn's mobile phone number and he was able to tell us of a last minute change of venue, though many others had already been turned away, being told it was cancelled. Was it  cock up or conspiracy? I am not sure, but at least I was able to attend a much reduced meeting of 18 determined souls who had persevered to the end. In some ways it was a better meeting for those who got there as it was much smaller and more intimate.

Roger Helmer gave a really excellent tour-de-force of the UKIP energy policy, which I must say is by far the most sensible energy policy I have heard from any political party. It's just a pity that it has very little chance of being implemented. Piers Corbyn explained his theories of climate forecasting based on looking at repeating patterns of the positions and behaviour of the sun and the moon. He claims to have had great success with this and tantalisingly left us with a prediction of cold weather during December due to the position of the jet stream, though he sadly predicted a "green Christmas". 

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