Monday, 23 February 2015


The New Indian Express, 18 February 2015

NEW DELHI: The Centre has so far banned 13 foreign activists of Greenpeace International from entering India including nine from the UK, three from the USA and an Australian national.

These activists have been blacklisted as their activities were found to be in violation of visa rules and they were found to be training, motivating and organising Greenpeace India’s activists to create field level protests near thermal plant and coal mine locations, apart from other activities that would damage India’s energy security interests, Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has told the Delhi High Court.

The MHA on the basis of intelligence inputs has suggested that Greenpeace UK office has  keen interest in promoting the growth of Greenpeace India’s ground level protests. Home Ministry has also raised suspicion over the funding pattern of Greenpeace International.

According to the MHA, it had been noted the Netherland-headquartered Greenpeace International was focusing on  India’s energy plants in the next couple of years. This was believed to be at the behest of foreign interests against the overall national interests of India.

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