Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Here are the accounts of the Winchester Action on Climate Change charity which show they have received significant public funds to further their cause. I have no objection to people being free to raise money from the public directly for any charitable purpose, but this lot seem to be getting the vast majority of their funds directly from taxpayer funded bodies such as councils and the local university. Of course one cannot blame groups like this for applying for public funds; the blame lies with the tax-funded councils and institutions for giving taxpayers money away. If any publically funded body is still able to give its money away like this then it is being over-funded.

This group are not far from me and so I have a special interest, but they are just one example of a huge number of parasitic organisations sucking out funds from the public purse. Here is a post from 2008 referring to larger organisations. While these are the worst offenders, those like the Winchester group are more numerous and their cumulative effect will be to take money away from other important areas of work.

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