Monday, 7 August 2017


The following letter from me was published in the local paper the Advertiser and Times (A&T) on 4 August 2017 in response to an article in the paper about school essays from students about what the climate might be in 2050:-

"The evidence for rapid increase in Earth's surface temperature leading to damaging changes in climate are looking  weaker as each passing year goes by. Here in the UK climate records prove that nothing we have experienced is outside  the range of events that have happened in the past and extreme events are not increasing in frequency. Sea level  continues to rise at 1 to 3 mm. a year as it has for the past hundred years or more.

Despite this, the government ploughs on with its policy of banning the sale of new internal combustion engine cars  from 2040 despite expected problems of coping with the extra surge in demand for charging the batteries of electric  vehicles due to predicted power shortages.

From what I read in the A & T (21 July p.23) young students appear to be given only a one-sided story about our future climate. They need to be told that the scary predictions they are writing about are only the product of computer  models. These models are so basic that they are unable to consider, for example,  the effect of changes in clouds.   Models have predicted double the amount of warming that has actually occurred, which gives little confidence in their  predictions further into the future.

President Trump should be congratulated for having the courage to quit the pointless and damaging Paris climate accord,  and having another close look at what lies behind it. It is time for the UK government to do the same".

I wonder what the reaction of readers will be, if any?

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