Wednesday 26 December 2018


This piece looks at a speech made by a 15 year old girl who has clearly become obsessed with climate change fears. We don't know why she has reached this state. What role has her parents had? I wonder if she has ever seriously looked at any views contrary to those she now espouses? In her speech she mentions that she has Asperger's syndrome, which causes her to see things in black and white - something that is a serious hindrance to understanding the nuances in any complex subject. 

I must be generous and say that she did a great job of delivering the speech. It was an impassioned plea to the World's leaders done in a simplistic way that one would expect of a child. At one point she asks the question, why don't our leaders just ban all fossil fuels when faced with such an urgent matter as climate change?  What a pity someone could not give her an honest answer.  

There are a large number of comments under the article, a few liken her behaviour to that of children in the Nazi Youth of the 1930's. They could also liken it to those in a religious cult, which is what the Church of Climatology is. It is quite easy for children to be convinced by adults in authority over them, a small proportion of them are more susceptible than others, just as some subjects can be hypnotised more easily.  Despite her willingness to take part, it seems to me that she is nevertheless being exploited by adults who, having brain-washed her, are using her in a propaganda exercise.   
Update on this here

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