Friday 28 December 2018


This report covers a potentially very dangerous development in the climate change debate. It is one that needs to be resisted by all leaders of the developed world. If the developing nations are allowed to get compensation for any extreme weather then we will all be much poorer. There can be no justification for any such claim. See this piece for the evidence that weather disasters are declining in terms of world GDP. 

The fact is that some poor countries have always been more exposed to extreme weather and the extent of this has not changed. Therefore it cannot be due to emissions of CO2. I fear that the supine Western governments will allow themselves to get mugged over this, which means our taxes will have to increase to pay for it. They should be looking very carefully at the statistics and proving it is a scam.

These natural disasters are often random events caused by a chaotic weather system. No single cause can ever be proved.

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