Monday, 28 November 2011


Release of climate emails has exposed the BBC's lack of impartiality in the climate change debate as this report in the Mail shows.

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roy benbow said...

Climate change is in the main effected by solar activity. The sun goes through an 11 yr. sunspot cycle and as a radio amateur I am well aware of how this affects propagation. The RSGB publish solar predictions in their monthly magazine RADCOM which allows Radio Hams to make good use of the spectrum as predicted. It is no co-incidence in my opinion that during the mini ice age of 1645 - 1715 astronomers of the day noticed a total lack of sunspot activity.
This is now referred to as the Maunder minimum. A similar thing occurred during the Dalton minimum 1789 - 1816. The modern warm period which is just coming to an end coincides with a very high peak of sunspot activity cycles 19 (pk. 1960) and cycle 21 (pk 1982). The future is predicted to be a rapid decline in solar activity with an increasing tendency towards arctic winters.