Sunday, 27 July 2014


At one time back in the 1920's people used to dream of a utopia in which everyone had a "fair share" of the world's wealth. They called it communism. Today there are still people of the same mind set, but now they are more likely to be under a "green" umbrella. This article looks at one set of dreamers, including our future king, who would surely lose out under the "world governance" that these people claim to desire. Why haven't they learnt anything from history? Haven't they seen that the people who reach the top of any such regime are ruthless autocrats who simply want to control others for their own ends. The nice people never make it. In any case world governance is a dream too far even for the most ruthless, as he or she will meet others who will crush him (or her) long before they get anywhere near the top prize.

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