Tuesday, 2 March 2021


 Here is an invitation to a seminar that was sent to me by email by an organisation called the Public Sector Executive (PSE):

Net-Zero Government - Building a Carbon Neutral City. How has the City of Nottingham responded to the climate and ecological emergency? How has the city prioritised carbon reduction measures while staying within budget and meeting the 2028 target?

What I find with all this stuff is that it is all taken for granted. Do they really believe that Nottingham is going to become a 'carbon neutral city' by 2028? I do not intend to waste my time listening to all this to find out. but I don't believe it for one moment. Nottingham residents will still be heating their homes with gas and most will still be driving petrol or diesel cars. They will still be flying off on holidays and eating meat and fish. This whole thing is a gigantic con trick where no one will challenge their assertions just like the king's new clothes story.

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