Sunday, 16 January 2022


 The Met Office often have difficulty getting the weather forecast exactly right, so why are they now delving in political forecasts?

See here: Met Office predicts the collapse of society following climate disaster | Daily Mail Online

In a sane world this nonsense would lead to some heads getting the sack, but I suspect this kind of rubbish is just what the government want to see given out. They must think we are very stupid.


  1. It appears our author doesn't know the difference between weather and climate. I'm sure the Met would be glad to tell you the difference.

  2. In the United States, our most dangerous terrorism threat is internal on the far right. we are at the beginning of dangerous climate change now. Climate change will destablize our society in which the general populace will have increased anxiety and fear over the subject. The pandemic has shown us all about the fear and anxiety we can experience. Climate change will be worse than the pandemic. Even more so if we listen to the fossil fuel way of life and don't change to renewable energy.

  3. It simply argues “that physical climate change and continued socio-economic change are highly interrelated – and that socio-economic factors determine greenhouse gas emissions and land use changes that cause climate change.”

    That seems logical to me. Even more likely is the predicted fall of society into anarchy caused by the rise of right-wing popularism and the solution - to rejoin the EU.

  4. But, so far, there has been NO noticeable change in the climate. True, we have had some extreme weather events, but these have ALWAYS occurred and the fact is that we are much better able to cope with these as we become richer and can adapt to cope by having stronger buildings and better protection against flooding, for example. To predict the fall of society without any evidence is bonkers. No sensible person could imagine that is likely. As for rejoining the EU, I doubt the EU will exist in a few decades time. We are much better of out of it.

  5. Noticeable change in the climate:

    Please do list the exact benefits of Brexit, because so far we are literally NOT better off.

  6. As I have already said, there will always be extreme weather events. And, yes we are getting slightly warmer since the end of the Little Ice Age - and most people would think that was beneficial. Just look at the difference in temperature between the last ten years and you will see that it is very small - so small in fact that it is within the error of making the measurement -ie it is not statistically significant.

    As for the EU, it is hard to see the financial benefit so soon, particularly as we have had the covid pandemic to deal with as well, but even here we can see how much better the UK dealt with the vaccination programme than the EU. I remain confident that the UK will grow and prosper much better than the EU, as long as the UK government does not follow the rigid and stifling polices of the EU, such as on global warming.


  7. Top 10 warmest years (NOAA)
    Rank Year Anomaly °C Anomaly °F
    1 2016 1.00 1.80
    2 2020 0.98 1.76
    3 2019 0.95 1.71
    4 2015 0.93 1.67
    5 2017 0.91 1.64
    6 2021 0.84 1.51
    7 2018 0.83 1.49
    8 2014 0.74 1.33
    9 2010 0.72 1.30
    10 2013 0.68 1.22

    1998 use to be the vvarmest year on record globally. Now it no longer makes the top 10 list. The year two thousand through 2009 no longer is on this top 10. This is what is predicted based on the science of green house gases. 1.22 to 1.80 which is .58 degrees difference. I find that significant and easily measured and noticed..


    The interesting part of this set of decadel averages is the increase of decade after decade of increasing temperatures is the difference of increase from the previous decade. Those increases are getting larger meaning, global vvarming is accelerating. This acceleration vvill decrease when wwe get off fossil fuels. Our world wide science advisors have predicted this years ago and its coming true.

  9. Just look at your global temperature anomaly table:
    Top 10 warmest years (NOAA)
    Rank Year Anomaly °C
    1 2016 1.00
    2 2020 0.98
    3 2019 0.95
    4 2015 0.93
    5 2017 0.91
    6 2021 0.84
    7 2018 0.83
    8 2014 0.74
    9 2010 0.72
    10 2013 0.68

    You can see for yourself just how small the difference is - hundredths of a degree! How accurately do you think it is possible to measure the temperature of the world, particularly when much of it does not even have any thermometers in it? A few people have got worked up about what is actually a very trivial increase. What is truly amazing is that the world's governments are all paying lip-service to this with hardly any exceptions. Of course there are many different reasons for this. Many poorer nations are hoping to receive vast sums of money to 'compensate' them for the supposed increase in severe weather. Western leaders have simply accepted the theory and now find it very difficult to get themselves out of the costly policies they have agreed to. Eventually it will end, but not until a lot of people have paid a high price for it. The demise of all this will probably be because some new and more immediate concern will come along, like a war.


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