Monday, 17 January 2022


 Politicians and climate activists often talk about weather events and claim that they confirm that our climate is getting more extreme, but that is simply wrong, as this article below explains.

Yale Climate Connections Should Go Back to School for Equating a Year of Weather with Climate Change - ClimateRealism


  1. Anthony VVatts? LOL.

    The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere exists in direct relation to the temperature. If you increase the temperature, more water evaporates and becomes vapor, and vice versa. So when something else causes a temperature increase (such as extra CO2 from fossil fuels), more water evaporates.
    Explaining how the water vapor greenhouse effect works

    water vapor is also called latent energy in weather circles. This adds energy to our storms of which the severe tornado outbreak was effected by.

  2. However, the actual data shows that the number and severity of extreme weather events has not increased when averaged out over thirty or more years and that is CLIMATE. Never mind the theory, check the DATA! If a theory does not fit the facts it must be wrong.

  3. “The UN's World Meteorological Organization found that 2021 was the seventh hottest year to date, at 1.11°C above pre-industrial levels.”

    “The continued onslaught of record years, including the seven warmest having occurred since 2015, is precisely what we expect to see due to human-caused planetary warming,” says Michael Mann at Pennsylvania State University.


    In a stable climate, without annual re-orderings at the top of the hottest-years list, the world should set hot and cold records about evenly. But as greenhouse gas pollution continues to rise, hot extremes are intensifying and becoming more frequent. Cold spells are becoming weaker and more rare, a major UN-backed assessment concluded in August. Of 458 new regional temperature records counted in one analysis, just 54 were cold extremes.

  5. Hello I Walker. You mention Michael Mann, is that the Mann who produced the infamous Hockey-stick graph using a few carefully selected pine trees? The one that has been totally discredited by a number of experts? As for the increasing global temperatures, they are only fractionally warmer than other years. We are talking of a very slight warming, which is to be expected after the cold of the Little Ice Age. It is also welcome here in the UK as far more people die of the cold than the heat.

    So, Renewableguy, there are more hot records than cold ones. That is only to be expected in a slightly warmer world. What is the cause of the warming? Some may be due to extra CO2, but much of it could be due to changes in cloud cover, and also errors in measurement due to the urban heat-island effect. The ridiculous panic over such a small warming is foolish and will cause immense harm to people's lives through increase fuel and energy costs.


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