Sunday, 3 April 2011


This piece in the Telegraph looks at the savings likely to come from smart electric meters which are to be installed in all homes from 2014 to 2019. The paltry £23 per year saving is dwarfed by the huge rises coming as a result of attempts to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Mail has even more frightening figures for the cost of the scheme. The trouble is, we seem to have no definite idea of the cost, just as with most large government projects.


Edward Spalton said...

The head of the National Grid recently announced that the days of continuously available electricity were numbered. In effect, we will be descending to Third World power supply status to "save the planet".

Will "Smart Meters" be the way in which power is rationed and will politicians and other important people get specially adjusted ones, so that they can get on with bossing the rest of us about?

This would be on a par with the government's wish to stop all those frightful proles from being able to afford holiday flights whilst suffering no such restriction themselves.

Derek Tipp said...

Power cuts would be political suicide. The public would not accept it. We live in interesting times Edward.