Friday, 15 April 2011


This report looks at claims made in 2005 that millions of "climate refugees" would be leaving certain nations which they claimed would be severely affected by such things as sea level rise, drought, floods etc. Unfortunately for the alarmists, none of this has happened.


Dan Olner said...

Hi Derek. There appears to have been some confusion between ‘climate refugees’ and ‘environmental refugees’. I discuss it with quotes from the original sources here. The full list of factors that come under the heading ‘environmental’ that the reports look at: food and agriculture; water shortages; deforestation; desertification; population pressure; urbanization and mega-cities; unemployment; poverty; extreme weather events. PS I’ve got five or six months left of this Ph.D. Perhaps after that we can have a more in depth discussion. All the best, dan.

Derek Tipp said...

Whatever the details, the refugees didn't materialise - so they were wrong.

Alan2102 said...

Why do you say "the refugees didn't materialize"? How do you know? Did you read the link that Dan provided? It is unlikely that any (or many) of these refugees would ever turn up in the mainstream news, described as "environmental refugees".