Friday 12 June 2009


Here is a link to an organisation called "Talk Action". I get regularly bombarded with emails from them, as presumably other councillors do. Yet another example of the money being made out of global warming. As more people are taught to pass on the propaganda, this in turn should indoctrinate more to the belief, and so on. Compare all this with the tiny amount being done to put forward any contrary views and you can see why governments are still clinging to the policy of cutting CO2 emissions, although they are desparate not to do anything to adversely affect their economy. The biggest problem for Talk Action and all the other hangers on is the refusal of our weather to play ball and conform to the predictions of the alarmists.


  1. Whether its a "costly scare story" in terms of cash is less important today than if denial of the climate change scenario proves a "costly" error of judgement of far more serious proportions to the lives of our children and their children - and by our I mean people throughout the world alive today who will not be around (with the odd exception) in 100 years time. Think about it.

  2. "If" - but there is no evidence supporting it!


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