Monday 6 February 2023


 It is so easy to fool people by using false data because there is nothing to hand to check it against. Luckily Tony Heller has done his research and found the facts from old newspaper articles, as he demonstrates in this recent short video:

Imaginary Climate History | Real Climate Science

The question that needs to be asked is, why is the past climate temperature data being constantly altered? The only logical answer is that it is being done to make it conform to fit with an agenda. The pressure to do this may seem hard to imagine, but in fact it is simply that, once a majority of those in positions of influence come to accept that their career depends on conforming to a certain position, then they will  automatically go along with whatever is necessary to further that agenda. 

History shows that this has happened many times. For example, the power of religion, also the power of the ideological state. These are the most obvious examples, but they illustrate the willingness of most people in society to conform. Fortunately we live in more enlightened times today, hence Tony Heller is able to go against the agenda. But he, and any others that do so, risk becoming "outcasts" and, if they wanted career promotion for example, it would not be a sensible course of action.    

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