Sunday 5 February 2023


We think we live in a free country and yet there are organisations attempting to shut down information and opinions that they disagree with, using the excuse that they are somehow protecting us from receiving "false" information.  Read about it here: 

The Ministry of Climate Truth | Watts Up With That?

The problem with this is who gives them the authority to do it and why should they decide which things are "true"? Clearly there are things on the internet that are incorrect, but it should be up to us to decide who to believe.


More on this here:

What looks, acts and smells like a Global News Cartel and just got hit by an Antitrust lawsuit… « JoNova (

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  1. If you go through the wiki article here, you will see lots of references back into where the information came from. If you believe your facts are true, then others can check on your references for all who doubt or are curious.

    My experience of being on the comment discussions since 2006 is that the climate doubters are hostile to showing references to information.

    Watts Up With That is famous for being a disinformation site. Purposeful lying just isn't a valid source to rely on.

    Brainard 2015, p. 172: "At the other end of the spectrum are influential sites for "climate skeptics", such as Watts Up With That?, a blog run by meteorologist Anthony Watts, whom scientists have repeatedly criticized for misleading readers on subjects such as the reliability of the U.S. surface temperature record."[1]


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