Sunday, 26 February 2023


 The UK government is today announcing that it will force British households to pay an additional charge on their energy bills to reduce the costs of Net Zero for some 300 energy intensive industrial users.

Net Zero Watch today condemned this so-called “Households Payment Mechanism” as deeply unfair to consumers, but utterly inadequate as help to industry.

It is reported that the so-called ‘British Industry Supercharger’ will cost each household about £3 to £5 per year, suggesting that the scheme will move about £80m to £130m of green energy costs from industry to households.

This is simultaneously deeply unwelcome for domestic consumers, who are struggling as it is with high energy bills, but trivially weak for businesses.

The measure is not expected to come into force until 2025, when the Office for Budget Responsibility expects levies to support fundamentally uneconomic renewable energy (such as wind and solar energy) to amount to £9 billion per year (and over £10 billion including the Feed-in Tariff for smaller generators).

This huge annual green surcharge is being paid by all energy consumers, with severely negative economic consequences.

The government’s support package for industry is trivial by comparison and seems designed simply to get a few good headlines in response to the bad news of more closures and job cuts in the steel industry.

Dr Benny Peiser, Director of Net Zero Watch said:

"As long as the UK continues to prioritise Net Zero over the national interest, energy security and economic competitiveness, Britain will lose the last traces of its industrial base, its prosperity and its global status."

Dr John Constable, Net Zero Watch’s energy editor, said:

"The laughably named ‘British Industry Supercharger’ is nasty in principle but pathetically weak in practice. Instead of playing PR games, government needs to tackle the root cause of our energy problems, namely the wind and solar and biomass subsidies that are costing all consumers many billions per year. The green levies must be cut to the bone. We simply can’t afford them."


  1. Switching out of fossil fuels has benefits for every Britain. FF is quite the drag on the world and individuals both.

    Health Cost Savings
    Health cost savings per year:
    2.90% of country GDP
    Lives lost to air pollution that we could save each year:
    The transition pays for itself in as little as 1.4 years from air pollution and climate cost savings alone

  2. FF has this detrimental effect on us that isn't so easily felt. Its like cancer, you can't feel it, until its too late. Below is the cost savings calculated for GB. This is money in everyone's pocket.

    Average Energy Costs in 2050
    11.16¢ /kWh* fossil fuels
    7.98¢ /kWh* renewable energy
    Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Energy
    Wind, Water & Solar

  3. These studies come out of Stanford Universtity.

    Money in your Pocket
    Energy cost savings per person:
    Energy, health, and climate
    cost savings per person:

  4. 3 to 5 pounds per year? this is some big deal? Britain is leveling the playing field with Europe to keep their energy intensive industries competitive. There are about 400,000 workers with skills you want to keep in GB.

  5. I guess that the savings you quote are hypothetical, based on some computer calculation of the benefit of zero emissions of CO2. My point is that this extra charge on our already sky high electricity bill is REAL and will be felt immediately by everyone.

    1. What do you pay at the coffee shop for a cup of tea or coffee? And this is per year? It pains you that much? And what of the people that would loose their jobs if you didn't? It seems petty from across the pond. You can't pay to keep your country people whole with a very minor amount of money.

  6. Sadly this charge will not be nearly enough to keep our industry competitive, so we will still be likely to lose our energy intensive industries as the article says.

  7. The whole economically suicidal renewables mess will eventually implode, unfortunately we have to wait until the numbskulls are driven out of town.


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