Tuesday 21 February 2023


I strongly recommend you to watch this excellent speaker go through his extensive graphs and charts to show the impossibility of a transition from fossil fuels to wind turbines and solar panels. Mark Mills presentation is done in a very balanced manner, making it all the more powerful. Here is the link:

 Mark Mills: The energy transition delusion: inescapable mineral realities - YouTube

I think his conclusion is likely to be correct. See if you agree.

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  1. There are enough minerals in the world to do what we need for the green energy economy of the world. There will clearly be challenges as we move forward.


    Unlike oil – a commodity produced around the world and traded in liquid markets – production and processing of many minerals such as lithium, cobalt and some rare earth elements are highly concentrated in a handful of countries, with the top three producers accounting for more than 75% of supplies. Complex and sometimes opaque supply chains also increase the risks that could arise from physical disruptions, trade restrictions or other developments in major producing countries. In addition, while there is no shortage of resources, the quality of available deposits is declining as the most immediately accessible resources are exploited. Producers also face the necessity of stricter environmental and social standards.


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