Thursday, 9 February 2023


Following my previous post of Jordan Peterson's interview with Richard Lindzen, I also recommend very strongly this interview of Dr Steven Koonin again with Jordan Peterson. Peterson is a great interviewer as he obviously has a good knowledge of the subject and interjects with some very insightful questions. Koonin, like Lindzen, is a remarkably well-qualified man who really is worth listening to. The public should see these interviews to open their eyes to what is going on in the climate change field. 

Unsettled: Climate and Science | Dr. Steven Koonin | EP 323 - YouTube


  1. Stee Koonin attacks the science is settled issue. 98% of climate scientists agree the data says we are warming the earth and will continue to warm as we add more GHGs. If Steve Koonin wants to really make an impact on climate science, he should do so based in evidence and not strawman type issues.

    If a pilot isn’t sure about having enough fuel to get you to your destination, if an astronomer isn’t sure that an incoming asteroid will miss the Earth, if your doctor isn’t sure if you have a terminal disease, if you’re not sure you turned the stove off: In each of these cases, the uncertainty is unsettling. Why does Koonin think that unsettled questions in climate science are any kind of comfort when the consequences of doing nothing can be catastrophic? “Unsettled” should leave serious scientists feeling unsettled.

  2. Steve Koonin accepts that the world is warming and that some of this is due to increase in CO2. What he argues is that the rate and amount of warming are not settled. He uses IPCC figures to prove his case. Well worth listening to and reading his book.

    1. He claims that the science is unsettled. He should do so based in science and not politics and fear monegering.

      Unpacking the ‘strawman’ argument
      Another example of a strawman argument in “Unsettled” is the claim that the term “climate change denial” is intended to invoke Holocaust denial, an assertion that triggers strong emotions. Koonin says, “I find it particularly abhorrent to have a call for open scientific discussion equated with Holocaust denial, especially since the Nazis killed more than two hundred of my relatives in Eastern Europe.” I do not doubt the sincerity of his anger, but it is misdirected.


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