Tuesday, 17 January 2023


The headline to this post might cause alarm to those who fear any rise in temperature of our lower atmosphere, but as you will see when you read the link provided, this unexpected  warming is predicted to be caused by a natural event, a volcanic eruption. It is only a prediction and our atmosphere is so complex that it might be completely wrong, just like the predictions of climate change. Here is the link: 

Study: The Tongan Eruption Might Cause a Breach of the 1.5C Global Warming Limit - Watts Up With That? 

The actual temperature change of 1.5C is so small that it is not possible for humans to feel the difference. Why this figure was chosen as a limit is also shrouded in mystery. It was seemingly plucked out of thin air. The fact that it could be breached by completely natural events is also worth noting.

One day we will realise that it is simply impossible to control the world's temperature or the climate. Of course many of us already do! In any case who wants to see the temperature drop by 1.5C and send us back to the end of the Little Ice Age?


  1. one half degree centigrade is a big deal. Carbon brief has put together 70 different peer reviewed papers on just kind of topic.


    The impacts of climate change at 1.5C, 2C and beyond
    Carbon Brief has extracted data from around 70 peer-reviewed climate studies to show how global warming is projected to affect the world and its regions.

    Scroll down to see how these impacts vary at different temperature levels, across a range of key metrics. Click on the icons below to skip to specific categories and regions.

  2. During the Little Ice Age temperatures dropped by at least 1.5C and yet there were no serious climate problems before that during the Medieval Warm Period, so why do you think it should now be such a problem? The "studies" you refer to are simply projections based on computer models which have already been shown to be unable to project even for 20 years ahead.

    1. LIttle ice age wasn't global. .5*C cooling rather than 1.5*C.

      https://skepticalscience.com › little-ice-age-try-big-warming-age.html
      Little Ice Age? No. Big Warming Age? Yes. - Skeptical Science
      The Little Ice Age was… little. Research has also shown that global average surface temperatures only cooled by about 0.5 degrees Celsius during the Little Ice Age. For comparison, temperatures have risen 1 degree Celsius over the past century due to human-caused global warming.


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