Friday, 20 January 2023


Here is a good article which puts the outrageous claims made by climate alarmists in there place.  

A Critical Examination of the Six Pillars of Climate Change Despair | Watts Up With That?

My one criticism of it is that the author accepts the worst case projections, but he does so just to make a very good point, which is that even that is not nearly as scary as is made out. So we should relax and instead prepare for the worst extreme weather that we will undoubtedly get occasionally. 


  1. I have dealt with Watts Up With That for years. They are not a truth telling organization. Science is complete in its thinking and WUWT cherry picks the ideas that says all is well, no big deal. Partial truths do not give an accurate picture.

    One of the methods scientists use to predict the effects of human-caused climate change is to investigate past natural changes in climate.[25] To assess changes in Earth's past climate scientists have studied tree rings, ice cores, corals, and ocean and lake sediments.[26] These show that recent warming has surpassed anything in the last 2,000 years.[27] By the end of the 21st century, temperatures may increase to a level not experienced since the mid-Pliocene, around 3 million years ago.[28] At that time, mean global temperatures were about 2–4 °C warmer than pre-industrial temperatures, and the global mean sea level was up to 25 meters higher than it is today.[29]

  2. I believe the satellite data is more accurate as it has greater coverage and is not affected by heat island effects. This gives 0.13c per decade. Warmer, but not an emergency.

    1. 8 times .13*C/decade = 1.04*C increase from our present world average temperature of today.

      1.2*C plus 1.04*C = 2.24*C

      If the temperature proceeds to go down from there that's great. If we are still climbing, its in some stronger climate consequences for us.


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