Thursday 26 January 2023


 There is a new website which has some thought provoking articles on it. This one:

Can climate policy be democratic? - Climate Debate

highlights the lack of any opportunity for the public to hear any opposing views on any aspect of the current drive to net zero. It also looks at the lack of any realistic opposition party to vote against the onslaught of the policy. As the results of the current policy continue to reduce ordinary people's quality of life, this can only lead to increased dissatisfaction. With no democratic way of expressing this, it is quite likely to lead to frustration boiling over. 


Meet The Organisation Behind The Media’s Climate Hysteria | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (



  1. No democracy suggests discussion is being shut down. So what is not being discussed?

  2. No discussion in broadcast news on the main channels on what the public can expect to have to do to get to net zero and how it is going to be paid for. Whether it is feasible to produce sufficient reliable low cost electricity to run all the heating and transport. No experts with an alternative view on any aspect is allowed to enter into discussion with the people who say this is the only way forward.


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